Steel Rule Dies

  • Multiple Cavity Steel Rule Die
  • Jigging a Steel Rule DieJigging a Steel Rule Die
  • Steel Rule Die StorageSteel Rule Die Storage
  • Steel Rule Die in ChaseSteel Rule Die in Chase
  • Measuring Tolerance on a Steel Rule Die

Economy Die has complete die making facilities on premises to facilitate the customers need of accuracy and fast turnaround times. We have a custom CAD system specifically designed for the making of Steel Rule Dies, including a digitizer for free form dies and a CAD run plotter. Our experience in the die cutting operation allows us to keep the tightest of tolerances. We routinely make dies for customers that have their own die cutting operations as well as parts that are produced at Economy Die & Gasket.

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Tolerances Industry Standard of ±0.010"

Size Limitations

Size Limitations Up to 38 x 54", as well as custom sizes

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time On Average- Less Than 2 Weeks

Compatible Equipment

Flatbed Presses:

  • Thompson Presses
  • Value Line Presses
  • Samco Presses
  • Preco Presses

Clamshell Presses|Clicker Presses

Preferred Drawing Submission

  • DXF
  • PDF
  • IGS
  • AutoCAD
  • STP
  • And all other file formats

In-House Equipment

  • Cimex Custom CAD System designed for die makers and die cutters
  • Thompson and Value Line Flatbed Presses (Press sizes range from 14″x22″ to 38″x54″)

Quality Assurance Standard

It is the policy of Economy Die & Gasket to provide its customers only those products which meet all applicable quality requirements. Our quality assurance program has been formed to meet or exceed Mil- I-45208A Standards.

In-House Storage

Economy Die & Gasket will store all Steel Rule Dies made for a customer’s production run at our facility. We will provide storage until we recieve permission from the customer to release the die.

Client List:

ABB Inc.
Advanced Thermal Batteries
Becton Dickinson & Co.
F.L. Smidth

ITT Bell & Gossett
Metlfab, Inc.
Mine Safety Appliances
MSC Industrial

National Instrument Co., Inc.
Saft America
Victory Racing Plate Co.
W.L. Gore